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New to my repertoire- This is my dream job, for sure. Click below to see my blurb on Diane Riis’ uplifting call to action for the woman inside you, and a link to buy this inspirational book on Amazon.

Content Marketing

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My concentration is on online content marketing, digital/web copy and Search Engine Optimization.

Persuasive copy writing

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I specialize in reaching out and persuading prospects with relatable stories and letter writing.

Case Studies

I have a background in journalism with interviews and human interest stories.

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  • Homemade Holiday Gifts:
    The Best Intentions Don’t Always Count I have to say that the best types of Holiday gifts are handmade. The thought, the time, the creativity put into them brings to fruition a tangible object to remind you of that person’s caring and presence in your life. So, another year has gone by and I doContinue reading “Homemade Holiday Gifts:”
  • The Power of an Acorn
    While wandering the cemetery of Sleepy Hollow, my husband and I came upon a grave with two young girls’ names on it. I can’t remember their names or how old they were, but something drew me closer to the stone. That is, until my little dog Gilda started barking at it. I was amused andContinue reading “The Power of an Acorn”
  • An Historical Weekend Away
    Dating my Husband Another lovely holiday here and gone and way too much food eaten….I’m still eating it. After Thanksgiving with my family my husband and I left our children with my mother, Noodle, as they call her, and took off for a VERY belated honeymoon. We haven’t been away, just the two of us,Continue reading “An Historical Weekend Away”
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“Lock up your libraries if you like; but there is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of my mind.”

Virginia Woolf

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Dandi-Rae Ink is a portfolio website for Emily Rae Gibson’s writing work. With almost 20 years writing & editing experience, let me get the word out for you and your product/service.

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