A possible client!!

Well, on day 2, I have some exciting potential in the works. I happened upon a happy bit of happenstance, finding a publisher/writer who threw out a line on Facebook asking if anyone liked writing book blurbs/sales descriptions for Amazon.

Since I’m new to this I offered her some spec writing to see if she likes my style.

She agreed to let me spec write a blurb for her book and is reaching out to a customer of hers who is in need of some persuasive content writing.

Let the research and writing begin!

I started immediately. So much excitement. So much passion.

I’m turning in my first attempt today.

Will keep you posted.

Published by Emily Gibson

The need to create is what motivates me, and the need to know more keeps me learning. With my research and persuasive writing skills, I can help your business expand and your sales increase. Take a look at my writing samples on my page and I can show you what I can do for you.

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