So, still on a high from some of my mini writing success the other day, I threw on some Nina Simon and did some dishes while dancing to “Feeling Good.”

Feeling Good - song by Nina Simone | Spotify

I was on cloud nine with my ambition being accepted by someone else who had already had some success of their own when my husband called. He picked on me a bit about my childish excitement, but also to tell me congratulations.

No sooner did he hang up, he called me back and told me to get the kids and get outside.

“There’s an amazing rainbow!” he said.

I hollered for the kids to join me outside, scooped up the youngest, who didn’t have any shoes on and ran out to see the most amazing double rainbow soaring over our town. The sky was a smudged painting of blue and gray with orange bleeding in from the distance. The rainbow stood out in sharp focus against it’s fuzzy background.

It didn’t even look real – like an impressionist painting blown up and stretched out like a banner proclaiming infinite hope and promise.

With the day I had, it felt like that rainbow was there for me. It was as if someone in the heavens was giving me a big, colorful thumbs-up.

It was as if those writers who have passed were saying,”Way to starting this new path in your life! Here’s a beautiful image to let you know I see you and you’re amazing.”

Like we were all encased in a bubble of inspiration and love.

But then, after taking a look on Instagram and Facebook, I saw half a dozen other people who were taking pictures of the same rainbow.

Maybe we all needed this image of hope.

Could a revived 'theology of hope' restore faith in hopeless times?
The struggle is real, but we can break through.
Hope is the Thing With Feathers Emily Dickinson Quote | Etsy

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