Preparing for Hibernation & The Happy Company I Keep

Alice Hoffman‘s newest book is out now!!!

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I can’t WAIT to read the final installment of her Practical Magic series, “The Book of Magic,” . I pre-ordered mine and it’s on its way to me as we speak I type. The little book nerd in me in jumping up and down in excitement.

Eight feels you'll only understand if you're a book nerd

I can almost smell the fresh pressed pages already.

I think I’m genetically predisposed to crave the feel, smell and energy of a good book, especially during the Fall. Maybe it’s because I know snow is coming and my internal clock is telling me to prepare for winter hibernation…only, instead of collecting nuts and putting on an extra layer of fat (we don’t talk about that extra layer), I hoard books.

What better way to prepare for Winter than by surrounding one’s self with as many methods of escapism as possible. Books, movies, sewing projects, furry friends… all at the ready to keep me calm through the those frigid months.

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Not my Morkie, but I couldn’t resist.

Speaking of frigid….hello cool nights and fresh, crisp morning air!

I stepped outside this morning to let my little Morkie outside to do her business and, stupidly, forgot to put my slippers on. YIKES! I about hopped back inside leaving my poor little girl to stare back at me like, Really? I have to pee outside in this nonsense, but YOU’re cold? – she’s a little cheeky like that. All the more reason to love her.

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As the line blurs between Summer and Fall we have had a blast on our walks. This weekend we included my 3-year-old in our adventures and explored all the new Halloween decorations in town. Both of their bravery amazes me when they walk up to those huge blow up decorations and give them a hesitant slap or a morkie bark in defiance.

It’s like they’re in it together. I got your back she says as she barks at the towering, cloaked demon with its looong red claws as my little boy runs up to pat its “legs,” and then runs back to me with those excitedly, scared giggles.

Some days parenting is hoping for the best but expecting the worst, but on days like I had this weekend with my youngest boy and our little morkie puppy, the best was all we had.

I can’t even describe how happy these little people in my life make me. Everyone should keep company like these two. They’re full of happy little moments to keep you smiling in this crazy world.

Every day is a new adventure, another memory in the bank, and something else to smile about as I go about my days.

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