Aries Sets the World on Fire

Burning for Change and Renewal

What the world needs now, is love, sweet love….

This week has to be the most exhausting, re-branding/re-invention of the self this year. Everything points to the full moon in Aries. I hear about it again and again, so I decided to do a little rabbit hole digging to learn more about this particular planetary and moon alignment.

“On October 20, 2021, at 10:56 a.m., the Full Moon is in Aries. Give yourself the permission to transform the structure of an area in your life. Be open to draining your ego and releasing any narcissistic tendencies that you may be harboring. Remember, the world doesn’t revolve around you, and that’s a good thing. Focus on connecting with others, and that will help you gain a healthier sense of self. Have a great Full Moon, and resist the urge to act recklessly.” – Cosmo

Moira Rose GIF by Schitt's Creek

Passion and impatience, I already have. It’s the ability to stop myself from these urges that already haunts me. Throw in a full moon like that, and I’m screwed. No wonder I keep making impulse purchases, and drastic life decisions so much lately.

MBGmindfulness has 7 interesting suggestions for what to do with this crazy moon. The one about burning to cleanse got my attention, – *Disclaimer I’m not a pyro, just love a good cleanse – soul and body – but they are all very useful.

1 – Relax your mind – DONE! Whether it’s sewing, crocheting or escaping in a good book, I’m good at that.

2 – Revolutionize your world – I’m in the process of that with my writing and career goals. I’ve even scrounged up my old mantra I used to whisper to myself when I was trying to fall asleep as a teenager, and couldn’t get that pesky self-doubt out of my head.

Strength, Courage, Confidence. Say it with me ya’ll! Strength, Courage, Confidence.

3 – Burn off stress – not to mention those extra pounds all this stress adds onto my bones. Yoga, long walks, playing in the leaves with my children, playing in bed with my…wait, what?

4 – Ask and you shall receive – “Brevity is the soul of wit when impatient Aries is at the wheel!


5 – Promote yourself with pride

I’m not a confrontational person, I’ve never been very good at talking myself up, and I’ve never been good at asking for a raise. “Can I have more money, you know, if you want to – I mean, I would like some more if you think my added duties calls for it.” – yeah, I suck.

But not this month!


Deny No Way GIF

I am pursuing a better tomorrow, today. (In my head I said that in a very corny reporter voice)

I’m putting all my creative energy into promoting what I am capable of, but have never allowed others to see. What do you think this blog is for?

6 – See RED – Survival, courage and vitality are what they say it symbolizes. Just by wearing it I will attract the strength and power I seek.

Wizard Of Oz GIF by Turner Classic Movies

Now, according to Sarah Regan, my sign is attracted more towards jewel tones like sapphire, emerald, amethyst, and ruby. “Dark but bright” – just like me (*gling*). Now, I do like accents of red here and there, but I’ve never been too overly loud in appearances with color. My home, YES…but my person, I definitely prefer those darker and neutral tones.

Shall I equip myself with some ruby red slippers?

7 – Burn it – this is what I’m talking about. My mother used to have me write things down that I needed to let go of on a leaf, and let it float away in a stream or a river. That was always very cathartic and comforting for my younger self.

Cleansing Dark Arts GIF by Rhianna Moon

As an adult though, I think I need something stronger – like a stiff drink, if you will.

“Cultures around the globe have used fire ceremonies to purge negative energy for thousands of years. This can be as simple as writing down what you’d like to be rid of, then striking a match under the paper. Or maybe you build a bonfire and toss in burnable items that you want to say goodbye to.”

A fire may destroy, but it also cleanses.

So tonight I will be donning red, bracing myself with confidence, and setting my intentions. If you hear ululations ringing out through the mountains, don’t be scared. it’s just me setting my past free and my future into motion with plenty of love in my heart.

….it’s the only thing that there’s just too little of….”

Published by Emily Gibson

The need to create is what motivates me, and the need to know more keeps me learning. With my research and persuasive writing skills, I can help your business expand and your sales increase. Take a look at my writing samples on my page and I can show you what I can do for you.

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