The Things I’ll Do For Candy and a Smile

Another Halloween season gone.

And what a wet, rainy and almost miserable evening for trick or treating it was.

Wee ones ready to trick or treat

Thank goodness for innocence, children, and my own powers of self-humiliate.

I had one boy dress as a garbage truck driver, complete with the little garbage truck he wore around him with suspenders. The other boy was “Peely,” from Fortnite, which I don’t pretend to get, but I was happy he was happy, and it was hilarious any way you looked at it.

Both boys were SUPER excited while getting ready and could hardly sit still long enough for me to help pull a zipper up for them.

“What you are?” my youngest asked, pointing at me in my street clothes.

“I’m a witch,” I said. “Can’t you tell?”

He looked back at me, very confused and said, “No.”

I think the subtle humor was lost on him.

We started our journey with visions of Milky Ways, Kit Kats and Reese’s dancing in our heads.

cluck cluck y’all

Our first stop was a friend’s house who had a chicken costume that they wanted my husband to wear, but he would have nothing to do with it.

I, on the other hand, couldn’t wait to put the thing on. Any way to embarrass him and make the kids laugh – that’s my motto.

I shook a tail feather, did the chicken dance, and made a damn fool of myself. It was glorious.

“That’s your wife,” our friend said to him, laughing and pointing accusingly, as if it was my husband’s fault for taking me out in public.

“Oh, believe me, I know what I married,” my husband said shaking his head and trying not to smile.

That smile is exactly what I was aiming for.

However, it kind of backfired on me when we left the house for a trip down the street to hit up a couple houses for candy.

In the light of the living room it was fine, but outside in the dark, the visibility through that plastic and mesh was not so good. I could barely see my family walking in front of me as I tried to keep up without tripping over the wonky sidewalks and rain drenched holes. Puddles spilled into my shoes, my glasses fogged up, and I had to hold onto my banana son’s shoulder just to keep from falling.

I guess that’s karma for trying to embarrass my husband, but at least the kids enjoyed it.

They both collected a bunch of candy. And, even though we all got wet, that just made it all the better when we got home to be rid of our cumbersome costumes.

As the ghosts and ghouls haunted the streets around us, PJ’s and a warm bed were definitely earned last night.

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