Feeling Just Peachy, Thank You!

After having 2 kids and dealing with the mountain of stress that comes with every day life – especially in this COVID-age we are living in – the hormone fluctuations in my body has sent my hair screaming for the hills.

Well, for every surface in my home anyway.

I have tried adding Rosemary essential oil to my shampoos

I have tried washing my hair a little less and adding coconut oil to my conditioning routine.

Hair Shampoo Brush, HEETA Scalp Care Hair Brush with Soft Silicone Scalp Massager (Black)
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I even tried buying one of these little guys. A HEETA Scalp Care Brush off Amazon to try to influence hair growth.

It feels great – a nice scalp massage in the shower – but I don’t think it’s keeping hair on my head.

Every time I run my fingers through my hair I come out with handfuls!

I look down in the shower and you would think Mrs. Sasquatch was in the shower with me (I’m actually rather proud of those hairy legs, thank you very much).

So, I decided to go the solid shampoo direction.

There are a bunch out there, but some leave residue your hair and just don’t lather very well.

So, let me help you take the guesswork out of finding the right brand, and whisper the secret in your virtual ear.

I’ll give you a hint – it’s a Peach of a product.

First of all, you may have heard of Grove. It’s a wonderful website that gives you all sorts of freebies and has a whole host of sustainable products for beauty, home, health and pets.

Peach is a sustainable company that collaborates with Grove, to bring sustainable, plastic free soaps, shampoos, conditioners and even deodorant to a global clientele.

However, if you don’t want to pay a membership fee, you can find the shampoo I’m confident you will love on Amazon too.

Soft | Plant Based, Vegan & Eco Friendly | 2.82oz Peach, plastic-free, solid shampoo

It is a must try. My hair might still be falling out a bit, but Peach keeps it healthy, thick and full.

They even have the conditioner bar on Amazon, which I can use on my kids for no-mess, tangle free hair.

Use this link to buy and help me become an Amazon Affiliate. Every purchase made through my website will give yours truly some extra love in this crazy expensive world we live in.

Follow along for more great sustainable products as I navigate the world of environmentally friendly products to help lessen my carbon footprint.

Every week I will have a new sustainable product, or a new book or something to test drive and discuss, so keep reading.

Who knows, maybe we will all learn something together.

Published by Emily Gibson

The need to create is what motivates me, and the need to know more keeps me learning. With my research and persuasive writing skills, I can help your business expand and your sales increase. Take a look at my writing samples on my page and I can show you what I can do for you.

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