A Blast from the Past for THIS Dandelion in the Attic

There I was, going about my day, completely happy with the amount of books stacked precariously on my book shelves and my nightstand, when out of the blue V.C. Andrews flashes before my eyes in a Simon & Schuster e-mail.

I had completely forgotten about that author….

Flowers in the Attic anyone?

I read the whole series back when I was in high school and couldn’t get enough! I’ve forgotten what happened after the first book – it’s been so long – but, thanks to the movie version based on the Flowers in the Attic book, I remember how wonderfully horrible the Dollanganger siblings’ story was. I know it went on to get quite intense when it came to the familial relationships created (I don’t want to ruin this for anyone who hasn’t read it), but I also remember that being my first introduction to romance scenes. Those of you who have read it can understand the parental me’s intake of breath here.

It’s a wonder I have any kind of positive outlook on romance with my literature fetishes back then.

R.L. Stein, V.C. Andrews, John Grisham, Stephen King, Mary Higgins Clark….I was quite the dark “depressed child,” as my friend, Veronica, used to call my tastes.

Let’s discuss, for a minute, the fact that murder, death, incest, magic and violence where a big part of my escapism as a teenager. I think I grew up to be a pretty balanced individual, but maybe I would have had an easier time if I picked some happier fiction to immerse myself in.

Too late now!

If you’re in the mood to get deep and dark, pick up your copy of the Flowers in the Attic Series here.

I know I have been pushing the material world with ads in my blogs lately, but hear me out. You can take care of those on your Christmas lists, help me get my Amazon Affiliate accreditation at the same time, and feel really good about helping a lady out. You know, so I can keep bringing you more uplifting content every day.

Maybe you just want to buy the book or series for yourself and relive your youthful soul-searching days. Crack the spine and bring yourself back to a time in which you couldn’t get your nose out of those books.

I can already see my younger self in one of the middle rows of the school bus, bouncing down the road with my knees pushed up against the sea ahead of me, perfectly comfortable in my cocoon of book-worm-ness.

Maybe you want to know more about this woman, V.C. Andrews, and what kind of person could have written such graphically psychological horrors.

According to the Amazon book description of The Woman Beyond the Attic: The V.C. Andrews Story, ghost written by Andrew Neiderman, “Cleo Virginia Andrews lived a fascinating life. Born to modest means, she came of age in the American South during the Great Depression and faced a series of increasingly challenging health issues. Yet, once she rose to international literary fame, she prided herself on her intense privacy.”

And if you’re REALLY into VC Andrews, or just feeling a bit nostalgic, head over to Facebook.com and look up the OfficialVCAndrews

Oh, to be an author with such an intense following that you need to hide and be considered a “private” person by your adoring fans. Then, flash forward, there is another author who wants to write about YOU! I don’t believe I will ever get to that level, but I am at least grateful for my followers here.


No matter what, I’m grateful.

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