The Power of an Acorn

While wandering the cemetery of Sleepy Hollow, my husband and I came upon a grave with two young girls’ names on it. I can’t remember their names or how old they were, but something drew me closer to the stone. That is, until my little dog Gilda started barking at it. I was amused and curious as to what could have triggered her to bark, and I was reaching my hand towards the stone when my husband called out.

“I wouldn’t if I were you. If she doesn’t like that stone it probably means something.” My husband, ever the realist, yet underneath, believes in something more went on to warn me. “If you bring some bad MOJO home, you’re on your own.”

So, we moved on, in search of the Revolutionary War memorial, Rockefeller’s grave, and Carnegie’s grave.

Walking along I came across some acorns and, out of instinct, reached down and grabbed a few to put in my pocket. At the time, I thought maybe they would be a sort of protection against any negative spirits. Looking it up now, I see they carry much more power with them.

According to
Acorn Magick uses them throughout the year sustainably.

Witchy Tip

And according to Acorns symbolize “Change, growth, hidden secrets, strength, good luck, protection, wisdom, and personal power. A dried acorn is an excellent natural amulet for keeping a youthful appearance.”

Book of Shadows: Herb Grimoire - Acorn

With this being said, I believe I will hold on to these acorns, keep a couple on my window and, perhaps, try to make one into a necklace or just hold on to it as a worry stone, of sorts. Then, this summer maybe I will try to plant them and see what comes to bloom.

If anything, at least it will be a beautiful reminder of a lovely getaway with my husband.

See his apprehension in the background? I had my acorns at this point and felt much more confident in our safety.

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