The Power of an Acorn

While wandering the cemetery of Sleepy Hollow, my husband and I came upon a grave with two young girls’ names on it. I can’t remember their names or how old they were, but something drew me closer to the stone. That is, until my little dog Gilda started barking at it. I was amused andContinue reading “The Power of an Acorn”

An Historical Weekend Away

Dating my Husband Another lovely holiday here and gone and way too much food eaten….I’m still eating it. After Thanksgiving with my family my husband and I left our children with my mother, Noodle, as they call her, and took off for a VERY belated honeymoon. We haven’t been away, just the two of us,Continue reading “An Historical Weekend Away”

The Unwanted Pilgrimage of Angeline

I could hear the screams of my family as I ran through the woods, my dark hair catching in the branches that seemed to reach for me as I made my escape. Just like theirs. They had reached for me through the flames as the townsfolk had lit the pier under their feet. The spitContinue reading “The Unwanted Pilgrimage of Angeline”

The Birth of a New Story of an Old Witch

Oh, the life of a writer. Getting inspiration from every day things and getting to put your own spin on it – even pretending you are living those lives you read about and write about. If only I could live like this 24/7. I guess I will just have to settle for my little burstsContinue reading “The Birth of a New Story of an Old Witch”

The Dangers of Writing

Writing can be a dangerous occupation, especially for an addictive personality. I read this article this morning about the dangers authors of the past faced. One of the number one causes of a writer’s demise was the sedentary lifestyle, which can be murder on the body. Not to mention the overbearing routines of author’s likeContinue reading “The Dangers of Writing”

A Blast from the Past for THIS Dandelion in the Attic

There I was, going about my day, completely happy with the amount of books stacked precariously on my book shelves and my nightstand, when out of the blue V.C. Andrews flashes before my eyes in a Simon & Schuster e-mail. I had completely forgotten about that author…. Flowers in the Attic anyone? I read theContinue reading “A Blast from the Past for THIS Dandelion in the Attic”

Finding Meaning and Power Within Myself

Today’s post is brought to you by gratitude and the ability to be flexible to change. First of all, let’s all take a breath and a moment to be grateful for the little things. Happy Dance Hand Lotion…..soothing, calming and just down-right yummy on your skin. It’s a great gift for yourself or your fellowContinue reading “Finding Meaning and Power Within Myself”

Parental Helplessness

Yesterday was a little rough. I started writing a post, but got sidetracked with life. My youngest, who had RSV last week, but was doing better, spiked a 104 fever last night. RSV is still kicking my poor baby’s butt. One of the worst parts about RSV is that you can’t really do much aboutContinue reading “Parental Helplessness”