Aries Sets the World on Fire

Burning for Change and Renewal “What the world needs now, is love, sweet love….“ This week has to be the most exhausting, re-branding/re-invention of the self this year. Everything points to the full moon in Aries. I hear about it again and again, so I decided to do a little rabbit hole digging to learnContinue reading “Aries Sets the World on Fire”

FALLing in Love

And the Boys Who Got me Here We carved pumpkins last night….or I should say I carved pumpkins while be directed my little boss-boys. I didn’t even get a chance to carve both, but we de-gutted and the boys drew their designs on them. Then, the call of the leaves – and my husband’s leafContinue reading “FALLing in Love”

Entrepreneurship=self actualization

Only YOU can make it happen “We are fictional characters in a collective dreamscape. Lets upgrade the illusion.” – Deepakchopra Every day is a new opportunity to recreate who you are. We see teenagers in the process of this every day – trying to figure out who they are, who they want to be. WeContinue reading “Entrepreneurship=self actualization”

The Privilege of Being Comfortably Crazy

Today, I’m taking a mental health day. I took the day off from work and didn’t tell my husband (although, when he reads this he will know). I was supposed to go to a tarot reading with my mother, but the lady cancelled for illness. I gotta say, I’m really bummed. A lot of decisionsContinue reading “The Privilege of Being Comfortably Crazy”

The Hunter’s Moon and the Path of Our Intentions

. Happy Monday everyone! I hope your worlds are full of sunlight and happiness. I know mine is full of confusion, and everyone else’s tension battering me about the head and shoulders. The full moon is coming. It’s the Hunter’s Moon – October 20th. First of all, what IS a Hunter’s Moon? It’s a fullContinue reading “The Hunter’s Moon and the Path of Our Intentions”

Al-Anon for Victims of ADHD Ex-Spouses

The power of distraction is strong! Every time I think I’m getting my child back on track with a routine and remembering daily tasks, such as putting your shoes on before heading out the door, something steps in and punts that poor boy back to square one. That something….is my ADHD ex…. It never fails.Continue reading “Al-Anon for Victims of ADHD Ex-Spouses”

The Art of Not Resenting Your Children

Some good advice, and take-it-how-you-will recommendations *Disclaimer – this is not a real parenting advice blog I love weekends in which I can give my full attention to my children. I don’t always get the opportunity to truly enjoy my boys. There always seems to be something else pulling on my sleeves while my beautifulContinue reading “The Art of Not Resenting Your Children”

Preparing for Hibernation & The Happy Company I Keep

Alice Hoffman‘s newest book is out now!!! I can’t WAIT to read the final installment of her Practical Magic series, “The Book of Magic,” . I pre-ordered mine and it’s on its way to me as we speak I type. The little book nerd in me in jumping up and down in excitement. I canContinue reading “Preparing for Hibernation & The Happy Company I Keep”

The Magical Perks of Not Giving a Sh*t & Other Spousal-Embarrassment Antics

This weekend’s antics are brought to you by Halloween and all of the alluring Fall fun October has to offer. I believe it is my goal in life to embarrass my husband and offspring in public as much as possible. It is a privileged passed down from my mother and an honor to be passedContinue reading “The Magical Perks of Not Giving a Sh*t & Other Spousal-Embarrassment Antics”

Adirondacks – Slow Down, Inspire, Create, & Just Be… Happy

While driving into work this morning I came to a giant pocket of fog. Usually this would just be “bleh, I can’t see well,” but instead, the sun was coming up behind me and beams were cutting through the trees and into the mist setting into a prismatic colorful glow. I now know what it’sContinue reading “Adirondacks – Slow Down, Inspire, Create, & Just Be… Happy”