A Review to Sooth a Tired Brain

Alice Hoffman’s story of a tortured soul’s yellow brick road to self-forgiveness. With so many bits of information, advice and copy writing exercises running through my head, I feel it’s about to explode. And well….. It’s time to take a minute and do what makes me feel grounded and relaxed. I’m going to talk aboutContinue reading “A Review to Sooth a Tired Brain”

The Journey of Wonder

After a couple days off for medical “crap” I’m back and eager to write. There is just something about hearing my fingers click on the keys that sends a current through my blood. I’m creating I’m creating I’m creating, my fingers whisper. In my latest copy/content writing escapades, I decided to throw my name outContinue reading “The Journey of Wonder”

A huge shout-out to Diane Riis of Earth and Soul Publishing Company and Coaching

I have to take a moment to recognize the amazing Diane Riis, who not only writes about finding your truth and rewriting your internal story, but reaches out and helps other women find the strength to rewrite theirs. Today I received a response from Diane about my spec ad description of her book for Amazon.Continue reading “A huge shout-out to Diane Riis of Earth and Soul Publishing Company and Coaching”

A possible client!!

Well, on day 2, I have some exciting potential in the works. I happened upon a happy bit of happenstance, finding a publisher/writer who threw out a line on Facebook asking if anyone liked writing book blurbs/sales descriptions for Amazon. Since I’m new to this I offered her some spec writing to see if sheContinue reading “A possible client!!”