The Things I’ll Do For Candy and a Smile

Another Halloween season gone. And what a wet, rainy and almost miserable evening for trick or treating it was. Thank goodness for innocence, children, and my own powers of self-humiliate. I had one boy dress as a garbage truck driver, complete with the little garbage truck he wore around him with suspenders. The other boyContinue reading “The Things I’ll Do For Candy and a Smile”

Entrepreneurship=self actualization

Only YOU can make it happen “We are fictional characters in a collective dreamscape. Lets upgrade the illusion.” – Deepakchopra Every day is a new opportunity to recreate who you are. We see teenagers in the process of this every day – trying to figure out who they are, who they want to be. WeContinue reading “Entrepreneurship=self actualization”

A possible client!!

Well, on day 2, I have some exciting potential in the works. I happened upon a happy bit of happenstance, finding a publisher/writer who threw out a line on Facebook asking if anyone liked writing book blurbs/sales descriptions for Amazon. Since I’m new to this I offered her some spec writing to see if sheContinue reading “A possible client!!”