The Thing That Goes Bump in My Head

MURDER!!! There I was, getting ready to put pen to paper and create something truly magnificent, when it came lurking from around the corner. I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t speak, I couldn’t even move in time to fend off the gruesome and bloody fiend that is…. Self-doubt. It never fails. I start to gain a sortContinue reading “The Thing That Goes Bump in My Head”

FALLing in Love

And the Boys Who Got me Here We carved pumpkins last night….or I should say I carved pumpkins while be directed my little boss-boys. I didn’t even get a chance to carve both, but we de-gutted and the boys drew their designs on them. Then, the call of the leaves – and my husband’s leafContinue reading “FALLing in Love”

The Privilege of Being Comfortably Crazy

Today, I’m taking a mental health day. I took the day off from work and didn’t tell my husband (although, when he reads this he will know). I was supposed to go to a tarot reading with my mother, but the lady cancelled for illness. I gotta say, I’m really bummed. A lot of decisionsContinue reading “The Privilege of Being Comfortably Crazy”